04 November 2014

Votes to be counted on Saturday

Yes, this Saturday. It seems like forever since the call for nominations from September the 2nd and nearly as long from the close of nominations on September 16th. While I was relieved to be elected
( with Don) unopposed  it has left a lot of relatively unproductive time for Council. The time span is much longer than would be tolerated in either of the other two levels of government. As of this morning only just over 20% of people had voted across the city and despite extensive campaigns to encourageele to vote the turnout is likely to be lowere than ever. So, if you have a ballot , you don't live in Claremce Park ward, the you have only 2 days to get your vote back to Council.
What will the new Council be like?
Will there be a better representation from women or minority groups?
One member of Council predicted as many as five new Councllors, he may well be right.

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