12 November 2014

Urban spawl

After hearing John Rau, Planning Minister, discuss this issue what must have been at least 4 years ago it seems that nothing much has happened. While he has spruiked higher density, high rise and reduced Council's development approval process to better enable his dream he has actually done nothing to curb the urban sprawl.  I helped a student with a class exercise just last week, the exercise was to calculate the area of various cities and compare to the population of that city. Adelaide was something like  4 times bigger with half the population of many European cities. These are cities that many of us have visited and thought were wonderful.  Recently released figures indicate that Adelaide residents are already shunning the fringe for inner city with 69% of development occurring within Adelaide's 2010 limit (double what had been expected). It will be interesting to see the already approved development zones (Unley Rd and Greenhill Rd) as they are developed before any more rezoning is to occur in Unley; this will still allow for considerably more residents and protect the urban fringe especially in similarly zoned areas in other inner fringe Councils are also developed at the same time.

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