14 November 2014

Record vote for women!

The statistics from the recent election show that of 702 positions available on Councils that 205 were won by women. Councils now have a collective 29% female members. This is better than the state parliament's 24.6%. Given that all incumbent members of Council were re-elected  I wonder if getting more nominations from women is the answer or better training for those that are prepared to give it ago. There were excellent candidates that were not elected, both men  and women. As the only woman elected in 2014 to Unley I feel an enormous sense of responsibility  as we move forward: a responsibility to all residents and in particular those who reside or own property in Clarence Park and a  responsibility to ensure a female view is considered, listened to and acted upon.


  1. Jennie, most of us (male Councillors) have women at home and trust me, we do listen to them.
    So when we come to Council we are somewhat mindful of the women's point of view. Not quite the real thing, but we do try.

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  2. Surprisingly, I have a husband and two sons who I see a fair bit off. I work almost all the time with boys and yet I would never, ever think that this means I understand how men think or why they make the decisions that they do. I might be somewhat mindful of the male point of view but still believe that the best decisions will be made by a group representative of the community it serves.