10 July 2012

City Strategy Meeting July 9th 2012

The items to be discussed this week included
Lease of 72 Edmund Ave, Unley; It is proposed to offer St John Ambulance the opportunity to rent the premises that has recently been left vacant with Urban Myths move to the Mayfair Theatre. The recommended rent will be $8662per anum. While this sounds very low the rate has been heavily discounted due to their contribution to the Community. PASSED
Options for 39 and 41 Oxford Tce; This reports suggested releasing 39 Oxford Tce to the Sturt Football Club for a further period of up to 3 years. The proposal also suggests  a division of the building so that the remaining portion can be let to a different tenant. The property at 41 Oxford Tce is currently used by Kirinari school. They have used the land for many years with out paying any fee; a lease would formalise this arrangement. However, I feel Council should also further investigate the sale of both pieces of land. It is possible that Kirinari could be a potential purchaser for both sites; Sturt has been offered the right to purchase the property and declined Council's offer at a fixed price in May 2012. This was PASSED but will be reworkshopped before any further decisions are made. This means Councillors will discuss in private what further information they need to make informed decisions.
Ron Grant Programme Policy Review; This report discussed a review of this grant programme. It seeks to amend the current policy to 'provide funding for technological learning and support'. PASSED
SALA on Sale; King William Rd closure; The road closure is proposed for 26th August 2012 between Mitchell St and Opey Ave. This has been a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning for a couple of years now with some extra places for coffee and entertainment. PASSED
Unauthorised Removal of a Street Tree; This matter is confidential.

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