25 July 2012

Community Asset Review; Summary

This report is now available but if you expected it to contain any detail you would be wrong. After extensive consultation with community groups it talks in general terms about outcomes and in great detail about what happens next. The strategy is defined as;
Goal 1; Sport and Recreation
The City of Unley offers a wide range of quality sporting and recreation facilities that meets the needs of the community.
Strategy 1; That sporting facilities can evolve and meet the future community demand for services
  • This will enable the development of Master Plans for Unley Oval, Goodwood Oval and                    Millswood Sporting Complex.
Strategy 2; To explore possible partnerships in the future development of well being opportunities
  • Optimise operations at the Unley Pool
  • Explore opportunities to use ACC  or Showgrounds land.
  •  Continue the upgrade of the Unley Park Sports Complex
  •  Improve arrangements for the use of the tennis courts at Page Park.
Goal 2;Community Opportunities
The City of Unley provides community access to organisations that provide wellbeing opportunities
Strategy1;That community organisations can evolve and meet the future community demand for  services.
  • This will meaning developing an appropriate direction for facility provision for Scouts and Guides.
  •  Investigating opportunities to better utilize the Village Green.
  • Ensure Meals on Wheels can continue their operation within the City of Unley.
Strategy2;Increasing community facilities within the Unley Central Plan.
  •  Investigating commercial opportunities.
  • Moving the display element of the Museum.
  • Relocating the Unley Community Centre.
Goal 3 ; Policy
That Policy provides links between the strategic direction and day-to-day operations.

1 comment:

  1. thanks Jennie for the updates.
    I think heritage fencing around unley oval would look very attractive. The only proviso for me is that it doesn't prevent residents like me from using the oval at all times that i currently can. A small fence (emphasis on small) is not going to stop me i would've thought. But any design that a-doesn't allow me current access or B- Is aesthetically not pleasing should not be part of the masterplan.
    Otherwise push on! thanks