05 July 2012

Grade Separation; Map Update

A brief update on the grade separation.
The letter box drop will be bordered by Leader St, Goodwood  Rd, Mills St and East Ave.    Most of these homes and businesses will also be door knocked. As well there will be a programme of information sessions and public displays. These will provide an opportunity to learn about the project and to ask questions.  It is not consultation. However, it is worth attending as many sessions as are available if you are directly affected by the works or can suggest a better way of doing things. This map should be contained in the letters that are distributed by DPTI.   In the map below  the dotted blue and yellow lines are the culverts for the Brownhill Creek diversion, the aqua line is the greenways bike path along the rail line between Chelsford Ave and Victoria St      


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  1. Don and I have made an appointment to speak to the DPTI Public Relations Manager on Friday 13th and to talk to local MP, Stephanie Key the same day. We wish to discuss the location of the Brownhill Creek diversion culverts as being of most immediate importance to our ward.