08 July 2012

Community of Possibilities; Doing Things Differently

Council have been pursuing the Community Consultation on a new Strategic Plan. You still have an opportunity to complete the survey (see link below) to tell us what you would like to see done differently.  You can also take the time to be at the final information gathering and sharing session. I encourage you to get involved.
I attended two sessions this week, one for greening and the other emerging. I came away thinking that there are many things Council is already on track with and some that will require a good deal more debate and consultation. The greening ideas were around encouraging energy and water efficiency for both Council and in businesses and residences, encouraging the growing of more food in both private and public spaces and waste reduction and disposal. The emerging ideas kept coming back to Planning for the different types of businesses and lifestyles that will emerge and providing ways that our young people can afford to live in Unley and leave home. This also touched on providing housing for baby boomers that will enable them to continue to live in Unley but be able to move to smaller homes that require less maintenance.
Think about the questions we are asking:
What inspires you?
How do we bring this to Unley?
How will it enhance your lifestyle? 
What difference will it make?
Go to www.unley.sa.gov.au/acommunityofpossibilitiesand answer our survey.
You are invited to take part in “The Shebang” at The Town Hall on Unley Road on Thursday 19 July 2012 from 12pm-8pm. These dynamic and interactive open public sessions will give you the opportunity to review and comment on all the possibilities that have been gathered from our community.

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  1. 9 July 2012

    To our Unley Community

    I write to invite you to participate in the final event as part of our Community of Possibilities. The Shebang will be held on Thursday 19 July 2012, between 12pm and 8pm in the Unley Town Hall – Crn of Oxford Terrace and Unley Road Unley.

    These dynamic open public sessions will give you the opportunity to review and comment on all the possibilities that have been gathered from our community so far. The Shebang will feature colourful displays, presentations, films, discussions, kids activities and Mayor for a Minute! in a bright interactive environment.

    We have talked to people in our shopping centres, sporting clubs, schools, aged care facilities, community organisations, businesses and with individuals with an interest in the future of Unley.

    A Community of Possibilities has been one of the largest community engagement initiatives Unley Council has ever undertaken. It continues to be an opportunity to capture all the great ideas people have to enhance, enrich and change Unley in the future.

    Your participation in this event is vital in our broad engagement to reach out and hear about what you would like to see in a future Unley.

    Come and have your say and view what our community has already been saying. I thank you for considering this offer and hopefully also, in advance, for your contribution.

    Yours sincerely

    Lachlan Clyne