12 July 2012

Local Area Traffic Management: Black Forest

The LATM was approved in the 2012-13 budget. The need for this study was identified initially during the last election campaign in 2010 and there have been various concerns about traffic flow and management in the last two years. This area, to some extent, will also be impacted by the Greenways project and the railway electrification. The latter two are state funded initiatives over which Council has little control. However, there should be an overall improvement in amenity  along the railway line in Black Forest. At last night's Road Safety Committee meeting it was decided to further delay the preferred site for the pedestrian refuge in East Ave until after the LATM plan has been developed.  All residents in Black Forest will be asked to complete a survey  about what they believe are the traffic issues and suggestions  to manage traffic flow. They will also be asked if they wish to join a small group that will debate the identified issues and impacts of a variety of solutions. The preferred options will be drafted and prioritised and further consultation then take place before recommendations are put the the URSC and then to Council.  It is hoped that all of this can be completed in the next few months. 

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