01 July 2012

 Street Sweeping; The trial notification of street sweeping is about to begin; if you have volunteered to be part of the trial Council should let you know a day in advance of the sweeping. This should enable residents to ensure that least their own cars are not parked in the street and for any leaf litter to be swept off the footpath and into the gutter.
Frederick St-Traffic counts will commence in
Frederick St
in July to ascertain the next step in making the area near the Scout Hall safer for children, a zig zag line has been suggested by on resident as a solution.
Byron Rd
; A traffic investigation will be conducted this financial year of all streets in the locality to decide the best manner to move forward. In the meantime residents near the bend should have had their driveways marked (with yellow lines) to help improve access.
Aroha Tce; The disabled parking bay has finally been line marked.
                   There has also been a request to line mark the junction with
East Ave
East Ave
, Keep Clear signs to enable easier entry and exit to and from the street.
East Ave, pedestrian refuge; This will now come to the July Road Safety meeting, hopefully with a recommendation that will work for the majority of people. Extensive consultation has shown that people want a safer access across
East Ave
, the location chosen can never please everyone but should  meet the needs of the majority.
Oakley Ave
; Consultation will occur in July regarding better markings on the road to improve cyclist safety.
Fairfax St
; Residents might see the bus that has been parked in the driveway of one of the properties moved in the near future. Staff have had extensive interaction with the owner.
Graham Ave
; some of the trees in poor health have been removed and replanting should have been undertaken.
Storm water management; Following a recent issue this is just a reminder that if the storm water falls on your property it is unlawful to allow the water to exit your property other than directly to the street (unless you have planning approval to dispose of it in some other way). You can also dispose of it on your own property as long as this does not impact on your neighbor. 
Council meeting; The next meeting of the Full Council will be held at Goodwood Community Services on July 25th. It would be good to see a few  people attend. Rarely is there any one that comes to these decision making meetings that ultimately affect  all residents.

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