26 July 2012

Graffiti (Government property)

Graffiti on state government infrastructure has remained a problem for a number of years. This may be because government is slower at removing it and, therefore, more tempting for the perpetrators. I have attained a phone number that you can ring regarding the location and removal of graffiti. This number is 82184046 (David). He assures me that easy to reach graffiti is relatively quickly removed and the more difficult to remove stuff takes longer. Most of this property is along the tram and train lines, especially the tram overpasses. The federal government has different rules regarding the freight line which is probably why it is rarely removed and remains unsightly in many places.
The best way to get other graffiti removed is to take a photograph of it and forward by email telling me its' location. The newly recruited volunteer team will usually remove it in within a couple of days.

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