13 July 2012

Grade Separation; DPTI and Steph Key 13th July

Don and I met Wendy Thompson from DPTI this afternoon and following that with Steph Key the Local Member of Parliament. The issues raised included;
  • The Brownhill Creek  culvert diversions
  • The removal of significant trees
  • The location of the works depot during construction
  • The security of the Glenelg Adelaide Pipeline  that takes water from Goodwood Oval to Orphanage Park
  • Disruption to local residents
We had a friendly and informed discussion in which we had clarified that the culvert locations as shown on the draft plan are indicative only.
  • DPTI will be constructing the culverts under the rail lines only, they will not be completing the culverts themselves. The Stormwater Management Authority will be installing the culverts when  and if they are scheduled to be completed, realistically this could be 5 years away. The culverts are, however, much wider and deeper in the No Dam option for BHC that they are for the Dam option.
  • Discussions have already occurred with land holders about significant trees that are on private property; I believe they have had a mixed reaction to this. 
  • Possible sites for the  works depot during construction have been discussed; these include the vacant land at Millswood Lawns, the hockey field at Goodwood Oval and an area in the Show Grounds.
  • The GAP pipeline is infrastructure that will be easy to work around.
  • The greatest disruption to residents is likely to be caused by the removal of soil for the tunnel to be constructed, the trucks are most likely to use Chelmsford Ave.
In the meeting with Step Key we were better informed, we were also joined by some concerned residents. We discussed the same issues but Steph thought there might be some ways the government could compensate local groups and that these require further discussion.

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