21 July 2012

Petition : Fairfax Avenue

The residents in Fairfax Ave have decided that they have had enough of their disruptive neighbour and presented a petition to Council to endeavor to prevent and escalation of the problem. The yard of one house in the street is fast looking more like a dump or a used car yard than a pleasant suburban lot. The same residents were successful recently in getting the bus removed from another property where it had been parked for 20 years. The first matter has been on Council's agenda since November 2010 as the matter was raised during the election campaign. At that time staff investigated and found only 5 cars were parked on the site and there were no grounds to intervene. However, with the increased intensity of use Council is now investigating again. The outcome will be interesting but it is not likely to happen overnight.

1 comment:

  1. Are you sure it is not a gang of up themselves yuppies having a go at a working class relic of the past in his family home?
    Poole Estate Millswood was working class, infact it is still in the same family since it was built.
    It is like johnny come lately buying a house next to the airport and then trying to get the airport closed because of the noise.
    I remember the house from the 1960s and though junky it is a vast improvement on what it was in the past.
    It was historically a working class family home with brothers and other family members who enjoyed tinkering with and on cars and now you and your ilk are causing the old guy health problems by hounding him.
    Maybe this is a deliberate attempt to hurry his demise.
    James- a slightly distant neighbor of long standing