11 June 2013

Feedback from the NRM Board

Since you all pay an additional fee on your Council rates to run the NRM Board I thought I would highlight this article from their latest newsletter. This is particularly relevant as the debate around culverts and dams continues. The current channel capacity of Brown Hill Creek is in some places  little more than half of what it should be, up to 10 cubic meters per sec is being held back by poorly managed vegetation. For the easiest example of this look north as you cross BHC near Orphanage park.

A small section of Brown Hill Creek showing heavy growth of exotic vegetation, evidence of channel erosion.

Up the creek no more!
Many sections of Adelaide’s urban creeks are actually in private ownership.  The creeks
provide both stormwater drainage and an amenity enjoyed by owners.  This situation
 sometimes leads to difficulties particularly with maintenance such as controlling growth
of exotic vegetation and scour protection, with some owners not understanding their
 obligation to maintain the waterway. The board, in partnership with councils and the
Stormwater Management Authority, is developing a Code of Practice for maintaining
urban creeks.  It will be completed before the end of 2013 and will provide clarification
of the roles and responsibilities for creek maintenance.  It is hoped the new code will help
 to improve our urban waterways.  If you would like to find out more about this project
or be involved, please contact Chris Wright, Water Projects Officer or phone him on
 82739122.     For other relevant articles please click the link below. http://adelaideandmountloftyrangesnaturalresourcesmanagementboard.cmail2.

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