12 June 2013

Work on Goodwood rail underpass may have damaged nearby homes


This article written by John Stokes in the Eastern Courier  is now available at the above link

RESIDENTS whose homes are damaged during construction of the Goodwood rail underpass will have them fixed, the Transport Department says.
But residents will have a hard time proving the damage was caused by the works, as only about 50 homes were given the pre-work building inspection required to get compensation.
Many residents have noticed damage to their homes, believed to be caused by vibrations from heavy rollers, digging equipment and large trucks, since work began on the $110 million project to separate the freight and Belair lines from the Noarlunga line .
The Development Assessment Commission approved the project on the grounds that all buildings and structures "that have the potential to be affected by the development" were inspected before work began.
Goodwood Residents' Action Group member Ray Broomhill said many people in Goodwood, Millswood and Forestville had noticed cracks in their homes since work began.
"We've had a number of reports from residents about damage that they suspect is occurring as a result of the works," Dr Broomhill said.
"Some got building surveys and some didn't.
"It's going to make it very difficult ... particularly if you've got cracks opening up and plaster coming off the wall."
An artist?s impression of the rail junction.
Source: Supplied
Millswood Cres resident Jutta Galbory said she was denied a building report despite requesting one from the department multiple times.
"I can't say I used to have a crack in the wall that was 2mm wide and now it's 20mm because those things happen over time," Mrs Galbory said.
"If they did the building inspection now then whatever they come up with would include the damage that has been done (during the project).
"The inspection made sense if you did it before you did any work."
A Transport Department spokeswoman said Ms Galbory was not offered a building inspection as her home was more than 25m from the tracks therefore not thought to be at risk.

Interestingly both of these homes are well within 25 m of the trackworks.

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