21 June 2013

Full Council Meeting: June 22nd 2013

I will be an apology for this meeting, the first one I will miss in 7 years! Luckily I can't see too much that is controversial. The report about the Leah St speed cushions is in the report, as expected it really doesn't address the issue of either diversion of traffic to other streets or the impact on vehicles that continue to traverse the street regularly, over 7000 cars per day. However, the Local Area Traffic Management Plan for that area to be started in the upcoming financial year may make some recommendations for change that can be implemented in the following year. Nothing happens quickly in local government. There have been no changes recommended in the budget papers; this puts Goodwood South in a good position for some money to be spent on local projects. The review of the Community Grants scheme recommends not allowing for multiple applications from any one group per round. This will effect some organizations. Leases for the Sturt Bowling Club and Sturt Tennis Club are recomended to be in line with CPI. It would also seem that the way leases are calculated needs to be reviewed. While the report recommends significant increase in some residential parking permits ( for more than 2 cars parked on the street) it seems the mood of Councillors may not see this followed through. The arguments are clear on both sides. It will be interesting to see what prevails. The new 4 year Community Plan is to be endorsed. DPA 3 recommendations for change are detailed and reflect community feedback. This only endorses that staff add these changes into the plan it will then come back to Council to be endorsed. Confidential report on 166-168 Unley Rd.

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