14 June 2013

Tram Overpass; Site for public art

The Goodwood tram overpass has long been an eyesore as it is a regular target for graffiti attacks. This site has been chosen as suitable for public art. This is being discussed with DPTI and Council and funds have been made available. How the design will be chosen is undecided at this stage.



  1. Hi Jennie,
    Good idea.
    Similarly, the Goodwood Road underpass/subway could also do with some embellishment - it would fit in with the arty style Goodwood precinct??

  2. You're right this has been called for over many years. Steph Key was working on it for a while. I will raise this with her again and also through John Devine with DPTI as now the timing might be right.

  3. Steph has got back to me and believes their is interest in this from both the PremieR and Minister for Transport showing an interest. With an election early next year this may be good timing.