18 July 2013

Councils of the Future???

You might wish to take the time to check the following link and Have Your Say about how Councils should be organised and managed in the future. It is probably true to say that if you do what you have always done you'll get what you've always got, so change, well managed is a good thing. One of the most pressing things for Local Government is the amount of revenue needed to retain and improve the amenity of the City without exorbitant rate rises. Local government must find other income sources other than rates if this is to happen. One of the other ideas explored is maximum years of service for Councillors and Mayors. This seems to me to be something that needs exploring as many good people choose not to run as they need to take on two incumbents that exchange preferences. This would also give more opportunity for new members  and maybe add some diversity to those who represent you. 


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  1. It's typical that the vocal minority are up in arms about any progress and improvement to Unley Oval. The fact is there is more people using Unley Oval through organised sport and spectators of organised sport than any other interest group. And by a very very large margin !!! on Unley Oval