19 July 2013

Dog Poo

Seems there has been a lot of press on the issue of these bags in our parks. During my last term on Council it took over 12 months to get staff to agree to and install these bags in Page Park,  an area frequently used by people to exercise their dogs. I suggested at that time that Council should look for a way of obtaining sponsorship to help defray Council costs. Maybe Pal would be interested if a little bit of advertising was allowed on the dispensers. So the idea is not new and the matter even more urgent  as many bags are not being used for the correct purpose. I still think I'd find it hard to use a dog poop bag for anything but its intended purpose! I
still  seem to get enough plastic bags when I shop that I rarely need to purchase any.


  1. Good to see that you are focused on this issue Jennie.
    It is a problem and I want Unley to fix it.

  2. It was great to hear the interview done by Mayor Clyne at a relatively early hour of the morning and taking the trouble to be at a park as well. I feel that the main issue here is that people have no moral responsibility towards these bags. If they are utilising these bags for their dog poo, fair enough. But when people are taking a whole roll for personal use, that becomes theft! In order to get to the root of the problem, maybe each registered household gets a certain number of bags each week or each month, or get a dispenser that only gives out one at a time? I don't think sponsorships will solve the issue of the amount spent on poo bags, but instead encourage these thieves!

  3. I heard the mayor on ABC radio the other day telling us that the cost of dog poo bags is $10k per year. On the basis that there are 2000 dogs registered in Unley at a conservative estimate of $30.00 / dog registration fee = $60k . I'm sure Council could not collect the dog poo for $10k annually so I suggest that it is in the interest of all ratepayers for the Council to continue to supply these bags. Lachlan said that the daily use was 700 bags/day well if that's the real figure I'm not sure what the other 1300 dogs are doing as I know my Beagle has a great capacity to produce crap! I agree with you the bags aren't really much good to use for anything else.