10 July 2013

Unley Oval Masterplan

There seems to have been some press, radio and Eastern Courier, about Unley Council's so called approval of a plan to upgrade Unley Oval to SANFL standards. I was not able to attend the recent Council meeting and have my say. However, what was approved was the draft CONCEPT  plan. This plan includes and supports the needs first of all for all the people in Unley and their recreation needs and then the members of the Sturt Bowling Club, the Sturt Tennis  Club and the Sturt Football Club as well as trying to also accommodate the Sturt Cricket Club. Bringing the club rooms up to whatever standard is required needs , in some part, to be met by the football club  themselves. Council will now proceed to getting some detail in the plans. No commitment to any change has been made at this time. Residents should carefully examine the fencing suggested and how it will work ( I can only see perimeter fencing in the plans), the narrowing of Frederick St to accommodate the movement of the oval to the north, and if the recreational space available to residents is useable and adequate.

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