06 January 2013

Door Knocking:

Yesterday Don and I set out to knock on 80 doors between 4 and 7pm. I thought that was achievable. Instead we covered only half the homes as most people were home, most people wanted to chat and many were prepared to tell us of their concerns. We started in Gordon Rd (south of the train line) and did about half of Dryden Rd. today we intend to complete Dryden Rd and start in Cowper Rd (east of Gordon). We have started in these two streets as they were the most recently listed in the DPTI haulage route schedule for the removal of rails and ballast late in January. In the next 12 months we would like to get to every street (without the task consuming our lives) and listen to your concerns. If you want your street early in the schedule or would like us to visit just you for any reason then we would be happy to do this. Concerns raised will be taken to the next ward briefing or immediately notified if the matter can be fixed quickly (eg sweeping a footpath , mending a pot hole or trimming a tree).
Yesterday was great fun, interesting and great to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and to get to meet new people. Just for the record this is my 9th year on Council. While I have been on Council since 1995, I ran for Mayor in 1997 and lost. I was not re-elected until 2006.


  1. Hot windy day today. They are pulling up the tracks along Cromer Parade with front end loaders driving up and down the rail corridor. Dust blowing over houses - no evidence of any efforts at dust suppression - considering the accumulated years of fallout from trains in this dust - I would have thought it was mandatory to have dust suppression: doesn't augur well for the rest of this project.

  2. Interestingly, as I drove over the railway line this afternoon I saw 2 water trucks turn into the rail corridor at East Ave. Both were travelling south, one did a 3 point turn just passt the no U-turn sign that didn't look very safe. Don was with me and we commented about the amount of dust where the rails had already been removed. 2 little water trucks would not go very far. I will raise this matter tomorrow as we have had many assurances from DPTI that they can and will manage the dust.