22 January 2013

Mills St; More Delays

After nearly 4 years waiting the residents on Mills St finally received the news of a start date for the removal of  one of the eastern chicanes. Then, after conversations with others, presumably DPTI, this work has now been delayed until Victoria St has been reopened to traffic. That means it is unlikely to be completed this financial year.
There have also been further concerns from residents about the prevention of U-turns on the corner of Mills St and Goodwood Rd, 6 years after requesting this matter be investigated the "solution" simply does not solve the problem in fact it allows for easier u-turns rather than prevention.

Dear Resident
POSTPONEMENT OF ROAD WORKS – Mills Street Clarence Park
Further to the letter dated 7 January 2013 regarding the Mills Street works, Council
advises due to the current works being undertaken on the rail network and the
closure of Victoria Street, Forestville the work will need to be postponed until further
Council apologises for any inconvenience this has caused and a revised letter of
commencement of work will be forwarded prior to works commencing on the speed
hump on Mills Street.
Thank you for your understanding and if you have any queries please do not
hesitate to contact the Assets and Infrastructure Customer Service Team on
8372 5468.

1 comment:

  1. U Turns.
    If the line painted on the road at the corner,with Goodwood Rd., was replaced by a raised cement median strip,the practise should cease.