03 January 2013

Greenways Project

This link will take you to the best information I have been able to get so far on this project. It should be noted that this is still being described as being in the concept stage and clearly can not be completed until the rail electrification has also been completed. There is a good diagram from Emerson Rd to East Ave. However, there is little detail in what is happening at Canterbury Tce and at the end of Cowper Rd.
According to the website the works between Emerson Road and Canterbury Terrace will include;

• New smooth bitumen shared path with line marking.
• Energy efficient LED pedestrian-level lighting to provide consistent light intensity and public safety.
• Wider and more attractive walking and cycling and walking access to the path and railway mazes from local streets, providing landscaping opportunities at path entrances and new railway fencing.
• Upgraded pedestrian mazes at Cowper Tce to Homer Tce and Dryden Road to Gordon Road.
• Upgraded southern pedestrian access to Clarence Park station from Canterbury Terrace.
• Removing the existing pedestrian bridge/elevated footpath along Canterbury Tce.

Don and I will be door knocking the Cowper Rd area on Saturday afternoon/evening (it's going to be cooler Sat); if you would like to for us to visit you at a particular time then please let me know. Residents of Canterbury Tce and Parker Tce have been invited to meet at 19 Kelvin Ave at 7pm this evening (Don's house).

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