11 January 2013

What is annoying you (DPTI)?

Millswood Park crossing

Ramping trucks in East Ave

Dust in the rail corridor
I took these photos on Tuesday morning. The dust should be able to be prevented at the site. In fact  a DPTI representative said that a breach of contract notice had been issued to the contractor. The argument about which of the projects is responsible has little weight as they meld together and are all DPTI projects. It is their responsibility to ensure their contractors are not allowing the dust to occur. It was so uncomfortable I could taste it  in my mouth; having been raised in the mallee I know what pure red dust tastes like and it  wasn't the same!

The trucks ramping in East ave, or anywhere else, also needs to stop. These three trucks all had their engines running!Seems they moved from Victoria St after complaints in that street.

This sign was not in evidence at Victoria St and while this crossing is usually manned is not in the evenings. it is good that it is being kept open at the current time.
Please send me photos I can publish to keep the dialogue going.

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