03 January 2013

Solid Waste Levy

The story on this in yesterday's paper made interesting reading. The current levy on Council waste going to landfill is $42 per ton, this being levied so that the revenue raised can be spent on encouraging recycling practices. The higher the fee the more likely Councils will take active measures to encourage their residents to reduce the waste they put in the garbage bin. But is this money, now some $40mil in unspent funds, just being used as a tax to prop up the state government budget? Nevertheless this is still a portion of the rates you pay. The average waste per household is now made up of 8kg garbage, 7kg of recyclables and 10kg of green waste each week; 30% of the average house's waste still goes to landfill. By my calculation the cost to dump/house is about $20/year and likely to rise.

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