10 January 2013

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

And all of them necessary.
Last night I attended the Cromer Pde resident's meeting at CPCC that David Bartlett, manager of the rail revitalisation project, was invited to address. He had been given a list of concerns from the group that they wished him to address. It would be fair to say that they didn't get many answers and many went away prepared to meet again when further detail has been released. of greatest concern for them is the protection of their avenue of trees, sound amelioration and dust control. Of more immediate concern to both Don and I was the role he thought UCC was playing in the Greenways Project. It had been my understanding that UCC has agreed to maintain the bikeway and vegetation when they have been established. I have asked questions of Council staff today and are seeking answers to the following
  • What exactly is UCC's reponsibility?
  • Where is the submission that has been given to the Development Assessment Commission about the trees and what does it say?
  • How will UCC consult with residents if we have more say in the matter than we had already been told?
Tonight there is both a meeting for the Goodwood Junction Residents Action Group and another meeting to form an Advisory Group to work with DPTI. As I understand it the smaller action groups (like the Cromer Pde) each have at least 1 representative on the Residents Action Group (this has 17 members) and this group will then select 8 persons to be on the Advisory Group. This group would also have an elected member of Council and a member of Council staff plus DPTI representatives. This may be an excellent solution but all these meetings may cause too much overload on the few who have the greatest passion. If you want the times of the meetings please send me an email  or phone me.

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