04 January 2013

Future for Advisory Groups?

As with other committees the current advisory Groups are also being reviewed- Council will vote on this at it's first meeting for 2013 on Jan 29th.
  • Groups likely to be disbanded include the Ageing and Disability group, the Library Reference Group, Millswood Railway Station  Community Group and  Community Asset Review group.
  • Groups likely to be kept but revised  but kept are the Goodwood  Oval and Unley Oval Advisory Committees, the Unley Sports Club Advisory Committee and the Road Safety Committee.
  • Groups likely to be formed and then disbanded as needed will include the Australia Day Awards selection committee and the Tour Down Under Advisory Committee ( these groups often may meet only once or twice a year).
  • The Grants of all types ate likely to be recommended by a single committee rather than 2 or 3 different ones
  • The Rail Freight Committee which hasn't met for 2 years should, in my opinion, also be disbanded as it's work is duplicated by the larger group (of which I am a member) that includes representatives from many Councils and interested members of the community.
The applications from Members of the Community for the new Section 41 Committees (Infrastructure, Community and Development)  are now being reviewed by the Chairpersons of the committees and the Mayor.

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