01 January 2013

January Update :2013

Another year has flown past. I am now over halfway through this Council term. Already Councillors are discussing among themselves who will run again and who will not. There is also considerable discussion around who is preparing to challenge Lachlan for the position of Mayor. All I can say at this time is that it won't be me. I'm happy sharing my teaching workload with the work of a Councillor, I can't see myself being able to do this role while working full time.
Items that you should find of interest include;
  • The Black Forrest Local Area Traffic Managemnt plan has gone to tender for quotations for the scope of work. It is anticipated this will be complete by March 2013.
  • A survey will be forwarded to all those who participated in the street sweeping trial. your responses will inform Council if this initiative should be offered to everyone.
  • The costings for repair of the arbour at the Princess Margaret Playground are being quoted on. As this structure is heritage listed the works must comply with heritage advice.The Council is yet to add the new play equipment or shade structure that have been budgeted for.
  • 669 South Rd will have to open their adjoining car park to all users of the Council car park and pay a small fee of $3,000 per year to continue to gain access through the Council park.
  • Some of the trees in Millswood Cres were in need a good prune, much of this work has now been completed. Any trees removed will be replace by March 2013.
  • Langdon Ave, the first survey of tree health has now been undertaken. At least 12 trees were found to be in poor condition. A written report will now be made and residents asked to agree on a way forward. There is no suggestion that the chosen species is needed to change. This will happen some time in the new year.
  • Residents in Chelmsford Ave have also asked for their trees to be assessed and pruned of the dead wood.

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