03 January 2013

Haulage; DPTI Truck Movements

I have been provided with information on the final number of trucks that will use each of Unley's road network.

The removal of the rails for the track upgrade will effect;
Maple Ave (300), Rose Tce (600), Johnstone Tce (600), rail corridor +Leader St (900), rail corridor+ East Ave (500), Byron Rd (240), Kelvin Ave (240), Dryden Rd (270) and Gordon Rd (270).

The construction of the Brownhill Creek diversion will effect;
Victoria St (east-1000, west-30), Leader St (100), Leah St (100), Essex St (900), Railway Tce South (900), Nichols St 9100), Charles St 9100), Norman Tce (100)

The construction of Goodwood Junction will effect;
Rail corridor (Victoria St to Leader St-1840), Leader St (west-1660, east1330),Victoria St (west-730), rail corridor (Victoria St to East Ave-1030), East Ave (2450), Chelmsford Ave (670), Fairfax Ave (670), Devon St (50) and  Richards Tce (50).

It is also noted that peak daily truck movements will vary between 50-80 per day with a typical movement being 15-40 movements/day.


  1. Thanks for this info much appreciated to be kept up to date in this manner.
    Cheers Fairfax residents

  2. Thank you for forwarding the table showing detailed breakdown of haulage routes.

    It is not possible to identify actual numbers of trucks and trailers form this table – as one truck on one journey will involve several streets. It is not possible to analyse the total number of trucks. I note that the development application identified a total of 23,000 cubic metres of material (18,000 from the underpass and 5,000 from the culvert construction) and that the ‘fact sheet’ has increased this to 40,000 cubic metres – a substantial increase.

    A couple of observations
    It is positive that the full loads are predominately proposed to go out through the rail corridor to the north and south
    *Victoria St east – 1,090 over a total of 17 days equals 64/day, presuming 10 hour days is one every 10 minutes
    *Leader St west – 1,760 over a total of 34 days equals 52/day, presuming 10 hour days is one every 12 minutes
    *East Ave – 2,450 over a total of 20 days equals 122.5/day, presuming 10 hour days is one every 5 minutes

    The East Ave numbers will be different north and south of the train line – the 2,450 is presumed to be south of the train line.

    In terms of impact on residents and ameliorative measures
    *East Ave - the numbers are much higher but for a shorter period – the street is wider however the residents would be unaware that the trucks will use this route – will other commuter traffic be deterred from using the street during these periods? Will residents in this street be advised of the numbers and periods of activity?
    *Victoria St east – the street is narrower and presumably parking will be removed for this period that will effect the Nursing Home and visitors (will they be specifically advised? – it is not really an option to park in Essex St South) – the houses are closer to the street and should probably all have building condition inspections (will this be offered?) – access onto Goodwood Road is not straightforward (will additional traffic control at Goodwood Road be implemented?)
    *Leader St west – wider street, less residential, current commercial and industrial activity so less perceived differential impact

    Has there been discussion of ameliorative measures? Or even informing residents of these semi-final numbers and the periods? Those on East Ave south of the train line will be surprised and some courtesy information is appropriate. The current fact sheet on the website is quite general.

  3. I've noticed an upsurge in truck activity this weekend gone. A truck sat idling across the street for over half an hour on Saturday. But on Sunday I listened to a truck idling just across the street for well over 2 hours. I took a peek outside at one stage to see FIVE rather large trucks all sitting, waiting, along my patch of Victoria Street, banked down to the tram crossing. I immediately became thankful that only ONE had left it's engine idling (as there is no escaping the noise within my house). What happens if delays increase? Will trucks be banked around the corner along narrow Leah Street also? What will happen to traffic flows? Are we in for chaos? I also noticed banking on Leader Street. And what about those living not just on the traffic routes but along the tracks? Are the houses being inspected so that when works finish they can be re-assessed for any damage caused by said works? Surely a huge number of fully laden heavy vehicles will damage housing. Doesn't deep excavation also have the potential to cause ground movement that could also damage buildings from the foundations up? Are property-owners are going to be looked after? Right now I'm glad I rent. I really hope us locals can make sure the government does the right thing by us all.
    Thankyou for having this forum Jennie.

  4. 7.15 am and a truck is already sitting idling noisily across the street for 5 mins. Oh, the joy! Welcome to Victoria Street. We have so much yet to come. I hope I learn patience and tolerance for trucks, trucks, and more trucks.

  5. I have passed your concerns on. It is my understanding that many propertiies have asked for dilapidation surveys on their homes so that comparisons can be made at the end of the project and compensation for repairs, if required, be sort. If this has not occurred it is not too late to make such a request. The alternative is to take photographs now of your house and at critical times during the project. That way you won't be relying on your memory. If you can send them to DPTI they also have a record of your concens.

  6. Thankyou for that. It's nice To have councillors who get involved.