23 January 2013

Wayville Station Announced

The state government has now submitted an application to the Development Assessment Commission to build a station at Wayville. This would lead to the closure of Keswick Station. The location would be just south of Greenhill Rd. The government would like to get this project completed while the lines are closed for the other upgrades. Today's Adevertiser has run a story on this. West Torrens has plans for higher density housing on their side of Anzac Hwy and on Unley side Greenhill Rd will be able to have up to 10 storeys of residential apartments between the train line and Goodwood Rd. Unley Council have also done considerable work on planning for residential development on the army barracks site should it ever become available. The station will also allow easy access to events at the showgrounds.
There is no intent, at this time, to close Goodwood Station.
The full submission to the DAC can now be found at; http://www.dac.sa.gov.au/index.cfm?objectid=A3623820-B0B0-11DF-A917000F2030D46A    

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