11 January 2013

Greenways Update

After being told by David Bartlett last Wednesday that the Greenways Project will be delivered by Council I was pretty gob smacked as up until that time we had been informed that the project would be delivered by DPTI. Seems that Council staff were briefed yesterday about what DPTI now see as Council's role. That is to design, construct and maintain the project with the funds to do this being reimbursed by DPTI. this being the case it means that residents will get a far greater input than would otherwise have been the case. At a meeting today we discussed a consultation process with staff that would include a sketch concept design,  a public meeting to give input into the detail of the design , species selection and public art.This process could start in just a few weeks.
However, the trees identified for removal or pruning that David Bartlett talked about at Wednesday's meeting are part of the rail electrification project. This is an argument that will need to be had directly with DPTI.(given this I'm happy to help facilitate this if  people wish).
The report that David said Council had submitted was in response to  an arborist report supplied to Council  by DPTI, I am trying to obtain both reports as quickly as practicable.

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