29 October 2013

Full Council; October 28th 2013

This month's agenda is full and varied. It includes the endorsement of minutes form the section 41 committees that have met in the last month. As well;

  • Dog Park for Unley; This was supported as a joint venture with Adelaide City Council to be constructed in the south parklands. However, it will still need money to be allocated in the budget for 2014/15 for it to proceed.
  • Development Assessment Panel-Annual report;(this was the topic of a separate blog)
  • Leave of Absence- Cr Tipper;
  • Australia Day Panel Selection;There are plenty of eligible people out there they just need you to nominate them (also the topic of a separate blog)
  • Various committee nominations for outside agencies;Passed
  • Community Reference Groups;Passed
  • Complaints Handling Procedure Under Council Members Code of Conduct;Passed
  • Progress Report-Centennial Park;Passed
  • Annual Report; In my opinion this was a poorly written and inaccurate document that need substantial revision. I moved  only that the report be received in a hope that this might indicate that it was simply not good enough. My motion failed but some revision will still be need to be made but without having to be bought back to Council.
  • Various Questions on Notice on matters; Unley Oval fencing (Palmer), Disability Companion Cards (Palmer), State Transport Strategy (Palmer), Unley Oval Development (Saies) and Gifts and Benefits Register (Saies). The questions I asked on Brown Hill Creek were a late item on the Agenda and will be answered in November.not in the Agenda. I also tabled the document produced by resident, John Hipper, regarding Brown Hill Creek.
  • Meeting Procedures (Saies); Passed
  • Brown Hill Creek Culverts (Saies); this was well attended and supported unanimously by Council. It was evident when put to the vote that Councillors do  not want culverts in Unley streets if there is a viable option (read dam). The people must take their  case to all the other Councils, especially Mitcham, to ensure that when the matter is next debated that Unley resident's views are clearly heard. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/messenger/east-hills/unley-residents-group-protests-against-streets-being-dug-up-as-part-of-brown-hill-creek-plan/story-fni9lkyu-1226748222602   This story that is linked to the agenda item makes very interesting reading.
  • Unley Oval (Palmer); Passed but only after lengthy debate. This asked for a tinkering around the edges approach in an effort to get at least something done. I understand the frustration but could not support the motion.
  • Major Projects (Saies); Refused

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