06 October 2013

KESAB Survey

Unley regularly participates in this survey. This is the way that we, as Councillors, and staff know exactly what is being put in the bins. The randomly selected bins are emptied and their contents sorted and categorised. Individual households cannot be identified. This way Council  can  identify things like  how much recyclable material is being put  in the general rubbish, how much green waste is in either of the other two bins and just how much space is taken up by the misnamed 'disposable nappy' .
The bin materials survey will be conducted in the next few weeks, if your household is chosen your bin/bins will be marked with a temporary sticker-please do not remove it.
If you do not want to participate please contact KESAB or email admin@kesab.asn.au.
For a more detailed summary please check the link  below;

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