03 October 2013

Stormwater Management Funding

The Local Governmant Association is now asking the state and federal governments to put in their share of the $150 million dollar project. Over what is now years of negotiations the funding was to be provided in equal shares by councils, state government and federal govt. to this date neither have made an actual commitment and without this no further progress can be made. This project is imperative to provide 1:100 flood protection for Unley homes. It has been held up in recent years by the dam/no dam argument the Mitcham Council has steadfastly supported. Unley would be required to pay 22% of $50 million and this is in the forward estimates budget.
It is becoming increasingly clear that the disruption that would be caused to residents along with the additional costs   involved will not be acceptable to many of our residents. I will continue to work with residents on this one to ensure a dam is built and the use culverts is minimised.

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