07 October 2013

News from the Museum

An interesting  article in the Adveriser this morning from the Unley Museum. The exhibition clearly is great for young and old. Maybe a great way to spend some time with the kids during the school holidays?

Loved toys from another age show the state of play
Adelaide Advertiser, Adelaide  by Sophie Perri07 Oct 2013

THESE are toys with stories to tell.

A collection of 50 toys, animals, dolls and miniature items from the 192 Os to the 2000s are on display at Unley Museum for its Toy Stories exhibition.

The toys, which have come from the museum collection and three private collectors, include an old Monopoly board from the 30s, a wicker pram made in Unley in the 20s and a stuffed toy dog, also from the 20s.

Unley Museum curator Elizabeth Haitnell says the dog came from the old Goodwood Orphanage.

"It’s the cutest, most loved thing," she says.

"It was found in the attic of the orphanage when it was closed; you can only imagine who must have stashed it up there.

"It just makes you tear up, it’s so precious." The exhibition also features a visual display of the top Christmas lists from previous decades. Yahtzee and hula hoops were the rage in the 5 Os. the 70s was all about the Rubik’s cube and Game Boy was king of the 90s. have grandparents come with their grandkids and go, I remember that’, and talk about the toys and games." There will be a larger toy exhibition at the museum in 2016 and anyone with old or new toys with stories behind them is encouraged to bring them for the display.

Ms Hartnell says it has been interesting to see bow toys have evolved.

Lego, for example, was made from wood until plastic blocks were introduced around the 50s.

"They introduced the block so every block could actually fit together regardless of when you bought it," she says, "If you put a brand new piece of Lego into a 50s piece of Lego ... it would still fit." The exhibition has proved to be a way to connect older and younger generations.

"It has been really good to

FUN: Marcus and Luc with some of the old toys from Toy Stories

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