25 October 2013

Meeting with Rod Hook; not yet!!

The following is the letter I wrote to Rod Hook, CEO of DPTI , on the 3rd October. After repeated phone calls I keep getting stalled. My hope is that he is stalling me as he wants to let me know that all of the requests are possible and that we don't need to meet sometime in the near future. My fear is that continued stalling will mean that the gantries are up and would then cost too much to paint, although I have been promised by David Bartlett (in charge of the electrification). As far as the others are concerned I'm a bit sick of the blame game and residents deserve at least the amenity they enjoyed before;this one is not Council's problem nor ARTC. I'll let you know what happens.

Dear Rod,
After our recent meeting with you on August 7th there were a number of undertakings given by you about what could be expected on the projects in the Goodwood Area. In good faith we expected that the undertakings that you gave would be followed through by staff on the project.  Almost all of the matters have now been resolved and I thank you for that.
At the most recent and final Community Advisory Group meeting there were, however,  still some outstanding issues that needed to be addressed and since that time at least one new one has arisen. The outstanding matters are;
  • The colour for the fences facing the rail corridor from South Rd to Leader St, you undertook that they could be a single colour of our choice, Don subsequently asked John Devine to inform your staff that the colour chosen was slate grey (this occurred on 13/8)
  •  The wheel squeal and visual amenity for the residents in Arundel Ave caused by the Belair train
  •  The height and repair (or replacement) of fences along the Greenways  project. These are in poor repair, some have been replaced, and no longer afford privacy to residents
More recently the following matter has arisen;
 The possibility that the gantry at Clarence Park could be painted slate grey or charcoal before being erected. The residents who own the private homes on Canterbury Tce are shocked at their current amenity and feel this will be even worse when the gantry are erected.
We would be happy to bring residents to the meeting if you would like to speak directly to the worst affected people. A time next week would be ideal, Regards
Cr. Jennie Boisvert

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