02 October 2013

October Update 2013

The Australian Electoral Commission has approved the minor alterations to the boundary changes Council suggested (to keep the population within each ward at a similar level). They also approved the renaming of Goodwood South to Clarence Park from the election in November 2014. Interestingly, they did not like our argument for  keeping the numbers relatively low in Unley even though the State government expects thousands of people will be buying apartments once they are approved and constructed on both Unley and Greenhill Rd.
Council have appointed a new heritage adviser. This person is contracted to review Development Applications ans assist residents with heritage esquires. He is Andrew Stephens, he will be available from 9am-12pm on Wednesdays.
The Black Forest Local Area Traffic Management Plan's final report will be presented to Council this month. I will let you know when I see the final draft to ensure your input at the meeting. This will not include Canterbury Tce options.
Goodwood Tennis  will host a portion of the Asia Pacific Tennis Tournament for 2013/14, this is a coop for the club and you may get a chance to watch some tennis stars of the future.
The Princess Margaret Playground is having the concrete beams replaced early this month, this may see the playground closed for a few days until complete.

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