01 October 2013

Victoria St open to cars, bikes, pedestians

Today saw the long awaited opening of the Victoria St crossing. The opening is raising concerns for residents especially regarding safety. As soon as the Seaford trains are running as scheduled the Leader St crossing will have the boom gates closed far more often. Think  freight trains in both directions now longer  and faster; the Belair train running as often as very 15 minutes in each direction and both the Seaford and Tonsley trains as close at 12 minutes in each direction. This amounts to a train every few minutes. Where will the cars go? Seems logical to Victoria St.

This the raises the concern of residents regarding ;

  • having to cross Victoria St to cross the railway line ( only replaced on the southern side), especially for kids who attend Goodwood Primary School
  • cars speeding above  the designated 40km
  • difficulty of making left and right turns at East Ave

The solutions are yet to be discussed let alone implemented but need to be a priority for Council and DPTI.

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