24 October 2013

Resident's View of Culverts

The following are  the views of one resident on the proposed culverts in streets necessary to ensure flood protection if a dam is not built in Mitcham. His views are shared by most residents that might be affected as well as others who fear for the probable additional cost and disruption as well as loss of amenity and streetscape.. At some point a decision must be made to build the dam and clear the creekbed (where possible). Many Councillors are concerned and are actively working toward the dam option.

Creek plan
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  23 Oct 2013

CURRENT plans for the Brownhill Creek/Keswick Creek Stormwater Project will cause major disruption to hundreds of residents in the Unley Council area, and it appears that this council is not unduly concerned.

Kilometres of culverts, most 2.4m-3.3m wide and 1.5m-1.8m deep, will extend through streets in Hawthorn, Unley Park, Hyde Park and Millswood.

The plan spells disaster for hundreds of trees.

In Malcolm St and Vardon Tce alone, approximately 150 kerbside trees will most likely die, due to the severance of their roots with the digging and placement of the proposed culvert. While new trees can be planted, it will be many years until they mature.

For the benefit of the broader community, residents in and around the affected streets are prepared to accept many months of noise and inconvenience.

However, it appears that little consideration has been given to: Residents having to find alternative parking for their cars, as they will have no vehicular access to their properties; Those with mobility problems having difficulty with access and egress; Assisting those unable to carry their shopping from wherever they have to leave their car: Children having to be more carefully supervised; and Access by emergency or utility services, as well as domestic trades personnel.

While the issue of flood mitigation certainly needs to be addressed, Unley Council and the Stormwater Management Authority should implement a programme of clearing the current waterways of accumulated debris to facilitate water flow, and investigate the construction of a dam in a location further into the hills, away from homes and Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, thereby overcoming previous objections to a dam in the park.


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