06 October 2013

Trains: meeting with Vickie Chapman

Last Wednesday Don Palmer, Michael Saies and myself met with Vickie Chapman, Shadow Minister for Transport, and Terina Monteagle, pre-selected as the Liberal candidate  for Ashford. On the agenda was to be a discussion about trains and to tell members of the Liberal party what we wanted and why for our bit of Unley.
Freight train diversion: There has been so much money already spent and promised for future spending ($600 million) to see the freight trains move more quickly through  Adelaide that there is little appetite to pursue fright diversion. An economic argument might arise in the future and private enterprise might build a line that diverts the freight. This is not my view but,  unfortunately, it seems to  be that of politicians in general.
Millswood Station; As reported in an earlier blog raised interest and is not off the books at this time.
Leader St underpass; Very much needed, especially as the crossing will be so busy when the Seaford line is running. Vickie believes that while this is unfunded in the current round of funding this is a possibility for 2016. This was good news as I was under the impression it was much further away.
Arundel Ave, Millswood
Fixing up the mess DPTI have left behind in Millswood, Goodwood and Clarence Park; We discussed additional sound mitigation for Arundel Ave and other streets. It was a very pleasant and valuable meeting for us and I hope, also for Vickie.
The tower in Arundel, why would this not deserve screening?

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