14 October 2013

Trucks to be diverted from Glen Osmond Rd ???

ADELAIDE'S UNLEY Council wants  to ban trucks on a busy road following the crash of a B- double in September. Unley Mayor, Lachlan Clyne says the council plans to remove B- doubles from Glen Osmond Road, which serves as a main freight route.

The above quote was in a recent newspaper (Owner Driver). What makes me annoyed is that either the writer has no idea about local government procedure or our mayor is over stepping his authority. While there was some radio chatter after a recent B-Double crash on Glen Osmond Rd this matter has never been discussed or debated by Council. It is, therefore, nonsense to suggest that Council plans to do anything at all!! This doesn't mean that the mayor did not have a good idea, he probably did, but he must bring his ideas to Council just like the rest of us before Council can be planning anything. If any Councillor was presumptive and assumed that Council was planning to do something we wanted (or told the press such) we would be told that we only had the authority to speak for ourselves and not the Council. Lachlan certainly has the authority to speak for Council but generally only on matters that are on an agenda or have been debated.

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