27 June 2014

Arundel Ave and Cromer Pde landscaping ready to begin

Residents in the above streets have been letter boxed this week that the proposed landscaping was about to begin. Hopefully, there may be an additional tree or two that has the potential to become significant near the southern end of Arundel Ave. DPTI have contributed about $30,00 to the landscaping and Council. There are still significant and justified concerns about the graffiti management and the already deteriorating condition of the new black lattice plastic screen. The management of all of this is DPTI's, they will not allow Council workers or volunteers inside the fences to remove graffiti. If you want to see it removed you need to call and call often  the police and email to https://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/Contact-Us . If the graffiti is on Council land then take a photo, send it to me, I will send it to staff who will get the volunteers to remove it in a day or two. 

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