18 June 2014

Decreased use of public transport..................

An interesting Opinion was given in today's Advertiser that follows closely my blog on the DPA . Kevin O'Leary comments on the fact that in other cities building improved road networks has only lead to more traffic, more congestion and the need for more roads again. Yet when governments spend money on public transport the opposite happens. Unsurprisingly, the result is a revitalisation of neighbourhoods and an increase in property values.  The problem is that Black Forest could well suffer in many ways from the so called South Rd improvements when they may well be unnecessary if the same money was spent on public transport. Why not more trams running more often, more buses running more often? If this will cause delays for cars at the level crossings then either build an overpass or get the people out of the cars and onto the tram/train.
Kevin claims what it is alarming in  the North-South Corridor is that;
  • there is no supporting business plan
  • no one knows how long it will be effective for
  • there has been no public scrutiny on present or future need
  • the project conflicts with the state government's 30 year plan
  • it is a 60's solution.

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