04 June 2014

Development Plan Representations

From today I will be able to view the representations made about the impending Development Plan Amendment that affects all of Black Forest and some of Clarence Park. This will give me an opportunity to form a view before the public hearing on the 16th June. I have also asked to meet with David Brown to discuss the implications that can be drawn from the responses and a way forward that will in some way address the concerns raised. The meeting on the 16th should be of interest to everyone and well worth attending.

1 comment:

  1. We and our neighbours in Rosslyn Avenue are very concerned about the proposed changes to the Development Plan. Ours is a street of consistent architecture, all lovely bungalows which we understand were built by the same developer in 1925. We were dismayed by the ugly boxes built on the corner of Margaret Street and Cross Road and worried that the same type of in-fill development might be rubber-stamped for Rosslyn Ave if the Development Plan Amendment goes ahead.

    We’ve responded to the survey and would appreciate if you as our local councillor could also represent our concerns to council.