21 June 2014

Full Council Meeting: June 23rd 2014

The most important item on the Agenda this month is the Annual Business Plan and Budget, hopefully all the items that have gone in for Goodwood South will be funded.This includes a rate rise in 4.95%. Other items include;
  • Review of the fees and charges; most fees are rising by approx 3%. PASSED
  • Call for nominations for a variety of positions; Schools as Community Hubs Action Group, Audit and Governance Committee, Centennial Park and Risk Management Committee Membership, Dog and Cat Management Board  PASSED
  • Goodwood Rd Pedestrian Overpass-Unplanned Expenditure;This has been the subject of several blogs. The shock is that the cost has escalated to $140,000. The question as to who is ultimately responsible for this cost is still unclear, however, as the work must be done Council had proceeded with this and will hopefully recover much of the cost from DPTI. PASSED with an assurance that DPTI will pay at least half and all of the costs if it is found to be their walkway.
  • ERA Economic Development Action Plan;The reports calls for this to be endorsed by Council.PASSED
  • Appointment of the Development Assessment Panel; it is suggested that the current term of the independent members be extended until early 2015; this would allow the Council DAP members  and the CEO to interview for the new positions directly after the election in November.  A panel  of all one sex is not best practice. The premise of this is fundamentally flawed as the current Council DAP members may not even  be elected members at the time of choosing the new DAP and therefore no longer members of the DAP. Choosing the elected members before the independents always causes enormous anxiety to male members of Council as at least one person on the DAP must be a woman. Therefore, of the 3 Council members one must be a woman (or man) and not out of the 7 members in total. An interesting debate!! PASSED but I seemed to be almost a lone voice!
  • CEO's Performance Review; CONFIDENTIAL
The full agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/minutesAgendas/Council%20Agenda%20June%202014.pdf

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