17 June 2014

Let's just start again!

After sitting and listening to dozen's of presentations last night on DPA2 I was so impressed with how heartfelt, well thought through and thorough the presentations were. Each person who spoke had their particular view, the reasons for holding it and some suggestions as to what would be a better solution.
One of the strongest presentation came from a resident who was thinking of the better good of everyone. He compiled statistics showing that the population per square kilometre in Unley is already 27.11: this is double that of Adelaide and West Torrens and 4 times that of Mitcham.  The reality is that these areas of Unley do not need to be carved up for more intense development, Unley is already the most densely populated city in metropolitan Adelaide.
A report will come to the next Development Strategy meeting in August with recommendation to be put to Council. If Council were to attempt to tweak the boundaries then all of the Plan would have to go back to consultation again. Suggested changes were most usually where two zones meet, either suggesting that there should be a transition zone and for zone boundaries to be along the street rather than back fences. The institutions put a good case to enable them to develop their already considerable land holdings into more flexible and modern accommodation for elderly people.  From my observations people seemed a little more sympathetic to aged care accommodation than what  might otherwise have been developed as cheap flats.
Given that we were also told that the government are seeking a Masterplan for the redevelopment of South Rd it would seem to me that government need to design the road in such a way that it will retain the amenity of Black Forest ( consultation should be imperative). Until this is known planning for zones as they were proposed in Black Forest and Clarence Park are simply a waste of time. We should start again, if the state government at the time forces Council to, after the completion of any future works on South Rd. When the speaker, (Tim Horton, a member of the panel), started talking sound walls all I could think of was the few bits of tin that the residents along the railway were told would do and shudder. I hope they can do better, but in the meantime I believe Council should do nothing

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