12 June 2014

Infrastructure & Capital Projects

Last night this committee met to discuss a number of items. As the committee is less formal than others a discussion is a more appropriate word than debate. Nevertheless, the issues are important. Council is developing an Environmental Sustainability Plan that is in line with the more recently developed Community Plan. However, while the document was well on it's way to articulating a vision it has been sent back to staff for further work before being brought back the the committee and then Council. Trevor Stein has done some important work is developing a Tree Strategy that should result in better management of this important resource and a better plan for the renewal of this asset.
The new waste management contract will soon be discussed by Council and let to the best bidder. The committee discussed the tender process so far and the parameters by which they are being assessed. The committee had hoped for some innovative improvements in service and what these might be was also discussed. Council has also negotiated with Onkaparinga Council on the sale of kerbside waste material to be processed in  a new nominated facility. This  will save the Council a considerable amount of money over time. The agenda can be found at;

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