15 June 2014

Girls on Track

I spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday supporting a resident who has taken up the cause of supporting this prorgamme. This is an outreach programme run by the Girl Guides.We cut and sewed all afternoon to take small toiletry bags for girls who are nominated for the programme.  But these girls aren't living in some remote or poor part of Africa, they live in Adelaide: the poverty they were born into is so often invisible in our society. I certainly was not shocked, as others were about the level of disadvantage that so many suffer. I see this  in my work where I hear stories of abuse and neglect everyday, often from the students one would least suspect. Hopefully, my support in this project, even in such a small way will help to make a difference.

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  1. Hi Jennie. I am mightily impressed with your blog. It looks clean and is easy to follow. But now I am not sure if I have commented twice?