01 June 2014

Offset planting

angophora costata
As you may recall DPTI removed well over a hundred trees during the recent Goodwood Junction upgrade. Some of these were significant and many of the regulated. DPTI has to replace each significant tree with 3 trees that have the potential to become significant and 2 trees for regulated trees. 64 of these locations have now been chosen. It was my hope that since they were removed for near the train line that they would be replaced there. I remember one Community Advisory Group meeting where we were assured that locations like Forestville Res, Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park might  be suitable.
Actually, the trees will be in Soutar Park,Railway Tce, Page Park, Dora Guild Playground, princess margaret Playground,  Forestville Res, Orphanage Park as well as Kings Park Reserve, Howard Florey Reserve and Goodwood Community Centre. I have an electronic copy of the exact locations and species if you would like one.
The reality is that this number is woefully inadequate but better than nothing.

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