20 June 2014

Fitness equipment installed

The new fitness equipment has now been installed in Page park. Council has received many compliments so far about the quality and location. reflecting back on how long thins take to get done, this one took just less than a year. The only negative comment I have received is that the contractor was from Queensland. Take the time to check it out or include it in your walking circuit.


  1. I am writing with feedback regarding the exercise/gym equipment recently erected in Page Park.

    I would like to express my thanks and congratulations to the Council for this project. It is wonderful to see equipment directed at adult use and
    equipment suitable for older adults as well. I am using the equipment and will continue to do so on a regular basis. Each time I have been there I have met someone
    else using the equipment as well and the feedback has been very positive.

    The area will encourage social interaction as well as keeping mobile and fit as we compare notes and chat while we exercise.

    Again please pass on my thanks to the Council for this excellent initiative.

  2. someone has already broken the cross country trainer & to my eyes it looks like it has been forced...vandal style.....i've attached a photo & sent it to you & TGOGC via email...

    on another issue, can U please advise the exact hours that 'positive dog training' has the oval booked on mondays & sundays..??.on the website it says "mornings"...i ask, because the class was still in progress @ 1.45pm & i was told it went until "about 2pm"....and started "in the morning"....

    apparently the council receives income from this activity & i was told in no uncertain tones that my dog needed to be leashed according the sign...fair enough...but it is a public park & i'm not sure i agree with the oval being taken over at a key time...sunday afternoon...

  3. I saw them setting up this morning about 10am. I can find out how long the group are looked for, they had certainly taken over the entire space. I have notified staff about the damage, hopefully it is covered under warrantee.

  4. 'Positive Dog Training' has the booking.

    It is booked Monday's from 9am-12pm and Sundays from 8.30am - 1.00pm ;the relevant fee as per Council's fees and charges register.

  5. thanks Jennie...in that case, i think Sharon Crichton, "the trainer and behavioural consultant for Positive Dog Training" needs to be reminded that her session finishes at 1pm on sundays...not 2pm....

    it is not my place to do this...can U or someone from the council please attend to this..??....
    her email address is info@positivedogtraining.com.au


  6. Now that I have this information from Council I can and will do just that.

  7. y/day's fix for the cross country trainer lasted < than 24 hours...at the moment it is loose & potentially dangerous ...attention required asap....
    ..also, [& @ the risk of becoming a nuisance], the pedestrian gate on east avenue does not always close automatically ...needs a fix if dogs are to be securely contained w/in the park]

  8. The contractors will now be back again, maybe this time they will replace the entire until. It is disappointing that such a great initiative can be sabotaged from vandalism so quickly.

  9. i'm not sure vandals are responsible Jennie...repair guys on tuesday suggested it was a design fault...

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