06 June 2014

Orphanage Park;Managing Stormwater Flow

Council invites you to come along and give us your feedback on
initial options for enhancing the creek and managing storm water flows in Orphanage Park.
Drop in anytime between 12 noon and 5 pm on Saturday 21 June MEET HERE:
Tabor College
Goodwood Road
As part of the Brown  Hill  Keswick  Creek  Stormwater  Project,
we  are  investigating  options  to  manage  stormwater  flows
through  Orphanage  Park.  This  also  provides  opportunities  to
rehabilitate  the  creek,  recognising  the  importance  of  the
heritage  listed  stone  lining  and  the  natural  ambience  of  the  area.
Information will also be posted at http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/ from June 23, 2014.
For further information, please contact Unley Council on 8372 5111

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